[parution] The Materiality of Writing

Vient de paraître:

C. Mosbæk Johannessen et T. van Leeuwen (dir.), The Materiality of Writing. A trace-making perspective, Londres: Routledge, coll. Studies in Multimodality, 2017.
Table des matières

Introduction – Christian Mosbæk Johannessen and Theo van Leeuwen

1. The production and perception of handwritten traces – Aurelie Lagarrigue and Marieke Longcamp

2. Touchlines: Manual Inscription and Haptic Perception – Tim Ingold

3. Graphic trace-making as articulated-expressive trajectories of movement: De-textualizing and de-stratifying graphic traces – Paul J. Thibault

4. Ink under my nails – Brody L. Neuenschwander

5. The European Lettering Institute: Or how being left-handed challenged well established mark making methodologies – Lieve Cornil

6. The Discipline of Tracing in Architectural Drawing – Raymond Lucas

7. Contemporary Western Calligraphy: Written Marks as Visible Rhythms – Karine Bouchy

8. Expressing identity in Microsoft Word: A critical discussion of the stylistic normativity of templates and software – Gunhild Kvåle

9. (Ir)regularity – Christian Mosbæk Johannessen and Theo van Leeuwen

10. Losing to gain: Balancing style and texture in the Starbucks logo – Giorgia Aiello

11. Traces in Public Spaces. Studying religious signs in social frames – Anne Løvland and Pål Repstad

12. Calligraphy as Graphically Autonomous Form. A corpus study of Persian calligraphic letterforms using a multimodal approach – Mahdiyeh Meidani

13. Signifying intimate needs in public spaces – Elise Seip Tønnessen


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Karine Bouchy (2017, 10 décembre). [parution] The Materiality of Writing. CEEI. Consulté le 20 avril 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/mhtf

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